Photos of volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Colorado via the Deep Blue Sea Foundation; a non-profit organization that strives to promote conservation and stewardship through hands-on experience. Recruitment is year around. Volunteers make a weekly four-hour commitment for a minimum of 6 months to a year depending on the role. Opportunities are available each day of the week, for people 17 years or older. See our volunteer opportunities below:

Animal Care Assistant: Gain experience in animal care by assisting with food preparation, clean up, and general area maintenance for animal areas.
Actively recruiting

Aquarist Assistant: Gain experience in aquatic animal care by assisting with food preparation, clean up, and general area maintenance for aquatic areas.
Actively recruiting

Pathway Guide: Create conversations with our guests surrounding conservation and animal care through education carts and touch pools.
Actively recruiting

Diver: Help keep our exhibits clean by scrubbing, siphoning, and polishing acrylics. (certification required)

For more information on volunteering please call 303-561-4413

Internship Opportunities

Internships at the Downtown Aquarium require a 14-week commitment (24+ hours per week), and run each spring, summer, and fall. Interns will work alongside staff members and gain directly applicable experience in animal care and education practices at an accredited institution.

Summer Semester Deadline: April 7th

Fall Semester Deadline: July 7th

Spring Semester Deadline: December 7th

Animal Ambassador Trainer Internship: Interns will gain experience working with the Aquarium’s collection of animal ambassadors via animal husbandry, enrichment, guest engagement, animal welfare and behavioral observation, and training using operant conditioning. Open to ages 18+.

Aquarist Internship: Interns will gain experience in aquatic animal care, exhibit maintenance, water quality management, equipment maintenance, maintaining feeding practices, and more. Open to ages 18+.

Research and Evaluation Internship: Interns will collect and analyze data for quantitative studies used in maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare and education programming. Open to ages 18+.

Education Internship (summer only): Interns will assist staff members with running programs and activities that cater to the specific learning objectives of students aged 6-14 using the skills of informal education and interpretation. Open to ages 17+.

For more information on internships and how to apply please call 303-561-4413