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Photo of performers in mermaid outfits inside of a tank of water.

Mystic Mermaids®


Mermaids… to most, they're the subject of myth and legend, but at Downtown Aquarium we've got our own sea of mermaids!

Watch the mermaids swim amongst their sea life friends, all while teaching about the importance of taking care of our environment. Their family-friendly, interactive show is choreographed to music and is performed in the Under the Sea Exhibit.

People are always asking us about our mermaids! Click Here for fun facts about what it takes!

Meet and greets held after Under the Sea shows, unless otherwise stated.

Mystic Mermaid shows may be canceled without prior notice and not updated immediately on our website. Please call +1 (303) 561-4444 before your visit or check out our Facebook page for latest updates.

The Mystic Mermaids can make your Birthday Celebration extra special! View our Birthday Packages....

Photo credit: Mike Goodell

Fun facts about what it takes to be a Mystic Mermaid.

Our mermaids swim 1-4 shows per day.
Mystic Mermaids are all scuba certified, CPR certified and trained on emergency water evacuation rescue.
The water is a temperature of 74 degrees.
The mermaids free dive, with no weights, no underwater air supply and no goggles. Salt water is impossible to see in, so the mermaids are trained to do their entire performance without clear vision!
The Mermaids current routine is a performance geared toward children. The show has conservation messages teaching kids how to care for the ocean and about recycling.
To become a mermaid – they each had to do a water evaluation test that consists of:
Swim 200 yards - timed.
50 yard butterfly stroke – timed.
Timed underwater endurance evaluation.
There is also a performance evaluation in the exhibit.

To apply to become a Mystic Mermaid please stop by and grab an application from the
administrative office.
Our mermaids swim with:

Barracudas - Nurse Sharks - Sting rays – Eels - 400lb Queensland Grouper - 200lb Potato Cod - White tipped Shark - Black tipped shark - Yellowtail snappers- Sea turtles - Drum fish - Mexican hog fish - Guitar shark - And many other schools of fish