Aquarium Adventure Exhibit

Exhibit Hours of Operation

Sunday - Thursday: 10:00am – 8:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Texas Bayou Exhibit - two turtles

Texas Bayou

Tour the marsh and bayous of the Gulf Coast in our Texas Bayou exhibit. Enjoy wild encounters with alligators, turtles, bullfrogs and more!

Grouper fish in aquarium


Step inside the sunken hull of a 17th century Spanish galleon in our Shipwreck and look out at the beautiful diversity of species the ocean world has to offer. Be amazed at the living coral reefs created by our own biologists. A giant pacific octopus and a moray eel await you! Clownfish, tangs and groupers are among the many fish you will encounter.

 Two poison dart frogs at Rainforest Exhibit


Explore the lush environment of the world's tropical rainforests and life inside their rivers. Red-bellied piranhas and venomous freshwater stingrays add a little danger to these waters. You might think twice before swimming with these fish! To add a little color out of the water, we feature an emerald tree boa, colorful rainforest frogs and our beautiful birds for your viewing pleasure.

Snakes in the Sunken Temple Exhibit

Sunken Temple

Ancient legends of "El Dorado" are revealed when arriving in our Sunken Temple. Lionfish and tarantulas and pufferfish, oh my! The ruins of this lost civilization showcase some spectacular species, including an electric eel and more.

Gulf of Mexico Exhibit

Underwater Rig

Sink to the bottom of the neighboring sea and catch glimpses of offshore rig divers in our own Underwater Rig. The diverse marine life make for a thrilling sight including snappers, redfish and much more.

Animal Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone

Step into Discovery Zone and come face-to-face with electric eels, seahorses, and a dazzling array of colorful fish. Interactive monitors let you further explore coral reefs, the arctic seas, and the mysteries of the deep ocean. You may even meet one of our Ambassador Animals up-close during our daily Animal Encounters!

White Tigers of the Maharaja's Temple Exhibit

Tigers of the Maharaja's Temple

In the late 1940s, in the jungles of Rewa in central India, rumors spread of an unusual animal. These were the first documented sightings of a tiger. Come see our incredible tigers lounge and play in the ruins of the ancient Maharaja's Temple, and learn about our conservation efforts to help their cousins in the wild.
New and Expanded Outdoor Tiger Habitat! Learn More.

Stingray Reef Exhibit

Stingray Reef

Experience the excitement of Stingray Reef, where you can touch and feed live stingrays. Discover these deep-water dwellers up close and personal. Our one-of-a-kind touch tanks offer a hands-on experience you won't soon forget!