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Discover the wonder and mystery of the underwater world and more through our educational programs, overnights and behind-the-scenes tours! To register, make reservations and check availability for any of our Programs, please call 281-334-2521 or email

Immerse yourself in our remarkable educational programs!


Educational Programs

Discover the wonder and mystery of the underwater world and more through our guided tours and classroom programs! View the current calendar.

For reservations and more information about any of our education programs, please call 281-334-2521 or email


Behind the Scenes Aquarium Tour

A guided tour of all our exhibits both upstairs and downstairs, as well as our behind the scenes areas and life support systems. Includes admission to Stingray Reef and stingray feeding. Approximately 45 minutes.
$10.99 plus tax, 4 person minimum


Classroom Programs:

All programs are available at the Aquarium, an off-site location or now virtual through Zoom!

TEKS based education programs perfect for schools!
* Aquarium tours, lunch or Kemah Boardwalk ride wristbands can be added to any package for an additional charge.

Coral Communities:

Participants have the opportunity to learn all about coral, coral reefs, the many different creatures that live on coral reefs, how these creatures form an ecosystem and interact with each other. Includes an activity on how a coral reef ecosystem works!

Rockin' the Rainforest:

Students will learn about the 4 different levels of rainforests, what animals live and thrive at each level, how these animals have adapted for survival in the rainforests, and other interesting facts about each animal! Includes 4 live animals for participants to see up close.

Radical Reptiles:

Students learn all about a variety of reptiles, including what environments they live in, what adaptations these animals have to survive, how large they grow, and other interesting facts about each animal. Includes 3-4 live reptiles for participants to see up close.

Squid Anatomy Dissection:

Each participant will receive a squid along with dissection tools. We dissect the squids together as a group and learn about each body part and what role these body parts play in order to keep a squid alive. Includes general squid facts.

Creature Feature:

Pick 4 of our education animals to learn about and see them up close and personal!

Tour AND Classroom Program combo:

  • $13.99 plus tax, 4 person minimum
Off-site location:
  • $100 - 1 program for 1 hour
  • $175 - 2 programs for 2 hours
  • $250 - 3 programs for 3 hours
Virtual Education:
  • 15 minutes - $50
  • 30 minutes - $100

Add to your Adventure:

Mobile Touch Tank: (available at the Aquarium or off-site location) $150/2 hours
Our portable, saltwater Touch Tank allows guests to closely view, hold and learn about sea stars, sea urchins, hermit crabs, sea snails and other small marine animals.

Costume Mascot: (available at the Aquarium or off-site location) $100/2 hours
Choice of Sharkey or Octavius (shark or octopus) to entertain children and provide photo opportunities.

Prize Wheel: (available at the Aquarium or off-site location) $40/2 hours
Only available as an add-on option. Children who answer a science based educational question correctly gets to spin the wheel to win a prize. Prizes must be provided by event organizer.


Marine Biologist for a Day,

Kid’s lunch included: $39.99 plus tax, 4 person minimum

Participants spend the day behind the scenes learning what it takes to be a Marine Biologist. Includes a squid dissection, complete tour of all the aquarium exhibits, behind the scenes areas, life support systems, biology lab, food prep kitchen, and dive locker. Feed and interact with our stingrays and eat lunch in front of one of our amazing dining room tanks! 5 hours.


Animal Meet and Greets

Have an up close encounter with our ambassador Blue & Gold Macaw, Watson! You may be able to feed, touch and/or get a picture taken with him. Available by appointment only, Monday - Sunday between 11:30am - 2pm. After 2pm is available upon request with a two weeks' notice.

Cost: $150 for a group of 6

*additional $5 charge per person (up to 10 people)

Please call to book your appointment today 281-334-2521


Culinary Education Program, includes lunch: $14.99 plus tax, 10 person minimum

Participants tour the dining room kitchen, learn how the back of the house operates, question and answer session with the chef, and enjoy lunch in our restaurant. 1.5 hours.

To schedule your Culinary Program, please call 281-334-2521 or email


Mommy & Me

Join us for a Spectacular Story Time where each child will receive a book, a plush, admission into stingray reef, and food to feed the rays. The program is $35 (+ tax) per child and will start at 10:30 am. Spaces are limited.

To RSVP email OR Call 281-334-2521.