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Fun & Learning

Experience the excitement of the Aquarium from behind the scenes! Do you have a budding marine biologist in the family? Our Marine Biologist for a Day program takes kids behind the scenes where all the scientific action happens. Let them learn about underwater species directly from our biologists!

Marine Biologist for a Day

  • Spend time behind the scenes
  • Work with animals
  • Dissect a squid
  • Use microscopes
  • Watch a dive show
  • Lunch & t-shirt provided
  • Children ages 8 & up
  • Minimum of 4 guests. If group has less than 4 guests, they must pay the minimum for 4.
  • Call for availability

$30 per child (8-12)
$35 per child (13 and up)

Available for Elementary, Middle & High School Students
Call Susie Shark at 615-514-FISH to receive Program Itinerary and availability

Education Tour

Learn fun and interesting facts about our incredible marine life and the 200,000 gallon fish tank which they live in. You’ll also learn about the importance of our world’s oceans.

  • 30 minute tour begins at 10am
  • Q&A with Biologist
  • Lunch at 11am
  • Must book in advance

$11.95 per person

Behind the Scenes Tour

Learn about the Aquarium’s inner workings, from filtration to fish food preparation.

  • Guided Aquarium tour with Biologist
  • View our 200,000 gallon saltwater tank from above
  • 20 minute tour
  • Great for Middle School students & up
  • Close supervision a must with one chaperone per ten students required
  • Limit of 10 people max per tour

$5 per person

Exclusive Behind the Scenes Aquarium Tour

Learn about the Aquarium fish tanks, resident aquatic life and the importance of our world’s oceans.

  • Q&A with our Biologist
  • One hour tour
  • Perfect for any age
  • Tour times limited to availability
  • Maximum 10 people in group

Group rate $7 per person